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This will take about 12 minutes on average, and won’t ever be shared with anyone. My suggestion is to get into a peak/beautiful state before answering them. Also, if you feel stuck in any of the questions we can certainly answer them together.
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Some best practices to get into a peak/beautiful state before playing full out answering the questions: Play your favorite music, do some stretching, close down any extra tabs. 

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{{answer_35802320}}, Why did you sign up for coaching and why now? *

{{answer_35802320}}, What are your expectations from your coach? What would it make this an ideal partnership? *

{{answer_35802320}},What are you on the DISC personality? If you have never heard of it you can take the test here:


{{answer_35802320}}, What's your why? What is 'it' that motivates you to get out of bed every morning?  *

Have you tried other coaching programs? What were some things you really liked? *

Describe your perfect/ideal day *

Fill out your current goal as if it's already achieved:
I am [thankful/grateful/...] that I now achieved/have/experienced [the goal] by [day,date,year] *

Why did you pick this goal?


Why did you pick this goal? (this is not a typo let's think about it a layer deeper)


Out of that space, what are 3 tiny habits (daily practices) you can think of that would lead to achievement of your major goal? *

What are some limiting beliefs and obstacles on your way to achieve this goal?


{{answer_35802320}},What should I do if you don't check in for a few days? *

(No worries. Stuff happens. Let's just decide in advance how we'll handle it.)

How are you going to feel when you achieve it? (eliminate the word 'like' in your answer) *

How are you going to feel if you don't achieve it? (eliminate the word 'like' in your answer) *

Because I am confident that you achieve your goals, I would like to know if you are prepared to provide a testimonials when you get results *

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